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Beyond the Bump Warwickshire Services

We've set out a short introduction to give you a flavour of each service we offer. If you want to know more, click the title of the class or service for a more detailed insight and to book.

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Our Early Pregnancy Class will guide you through the highs and lows of pregnancy, how your body may change throughout, and what to expect from your maternity care team.

Our Antenatal courses are inclusive, open and non-judgemental. We have group antenatal sessions and 1-2-1 antenatal sessions to help you prepare for your upcoming birth, and life after the birth of your baby(s).

Whether it's your 2nd or 10th baby, our refresher antenatal courses are designed to support you with your upcoming birth, introducing a sibling and will help you to extend your 'village'.

Aqua Tums is a collaboration between Beyond the Bump and Swim Works. Aqua Tums is the perfect combination of gentle water flow moves, with mind and body birth preparation. Sessions are held at Swim Works Leamington Spa.

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Baby Yoga

A Birth Debrief/Afterthought session is a supportive place we can go through and reflect on your birth. Whether your birth was straightforward or didn't go as planned, you are listened to and your feelings validated.

Birth trauma can be difficult to process, and can have a huge impact on your mental health, parenting, and life. Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy is designed to be a quick and efficient way to help you deal with the negative impacts of birth trauma. for mums, dads, and non-birthing partners.

Our baby massage course is a calming experience in a tranquil setting that allows you the opportunity to bond with your baby, learn a range of baby massage techniques that can be used in to day to day life and meet other mums & babies.

Our Baby Sensory courses are carefully curated, nurturing  and include routines to support tummy time led play gently, early sensory play, developmentally appropriate sensory stretch & sing in a calm, expertly designed environment that won’t overstimulate your baby.

baby support
Yoga, Breathwork & meditation for Birth

Is your baby unsettled, do they often seem in pain? Then Beyond the Bump are here to support you by offering research backed information, practical hands on guidance to help comfort your baby and to offer you the support you need mama. 

Coming soon to Beyond the Bump.

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