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RelaxMamaToBe: A Gift of Pregnancy Self Care - Holistic Herbal Remedy Natural Bath Salts Infused with Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Herbs

RelaxMamaToBe: A Pregnancy Gift

Includes five luxury holistic bath experiences tailor made to pregnancy needs. Two Himalayan pink salt mixes infused with lavender and complimented by chamomile flowers to aid relaxation, one natural salt infused with patchouli and rose to help soothe your body and two clary sage infused Epsom salts with mugwort to prepare you and your body for birthing (clary sage should only be used in the final weeks of pregnancy).

All of our products here at RelaxMamaShop are made with a combination of homegrown or organically grown herbs and flowers, natural variations of detoxifying salts and 100% pure essential oils - all handmade in the U.K.

RelaxMamaToBe: A Gift of Pregnancy Self Care

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