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Postnatal Plus +


Picture the scene, you're 4, 5, 6 months down the line with your new baby, the constant stream of visitors have disappeared, people have stopped asking how you are & the most common question you now get is 'is the baby sleeping'! People think you're nailing parenthood now and that you don't need any help. However, in your mind you feel like the past few months have gone by in a flash, you feel like you only gave birth yesterday and you're still very much learning how to do this parenting thing. You have a million thoughts spinning around your head and between that, the lack of sleep, and the constant google searches you're quite frankly exhausted.


Most postnatal support is aimed at new parents but here at Beyond the Bump we're keen to extend that support to help you tackle the 'mental load' new parents often carry. The Postnatal Plus + course will cover everything from thinking about starting solids, mum-guilt, going back to work, childcare support and much much more. 

Key Details

Duration: 3 week course, each session is 1hr each 

Attendees: Maximum 10 mums / parents (babies welcome)

Location: Beyond the Bump Hub, Squab Hall, Harbury Lane, Leamington Spa, CV33 9QB

Who can attend: New mums / parents with a baby between 3-8 months old 

Cost: £45 introductory price 

Key topics the sessions will cover

  • The mental load 

  • Mum-guilt 

  • Self-care

  • Starting Solids  

  • Milk and milk weaning 

  • Myth busting 

  • Common illnesses

  • Sleep 

  • Developmental Milestones 

  • Returning to exercise 

  • Going back to work 

  • Childcare options 

  • A chance to chat 

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