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Postnatal Doula

Little & Large Hands

The Beyond the Bump Postnatal Doula service provides vital practical and emotional support after you are back home with baby. Our Postnatal Doula service supports you to have a smoother, more supported transition into parenthood. We provide the nurturing care and expert guidance that you deserve so that you can enter parenthood feeling confident, supported and held. 


Our Postnatal Doula service offers:

Peace of Mind - knowing you have a dedicated, experienced professional to lean on during this critical time, especially when other services are currently stretched and postnatal support can be lacking. 

Customised Care - tailored support that adapts to your evolving needs and circumstances. 

Enhanced Bonding - more time and energy to focus on bonding with your baby and enjoying these precious early moments. 



Postnatal Doula Service 

When: Visits are available from as soon as baby is back home. We recommend booking visits to support you over a 4-6 week period.

Our postnatal doula service is flexible and works around you and your needs, we will meet over a coffee and ensure we are the right fit to support you. Our support can start whenever works best for you where we will come out to your home. ​​

Duration: Visits are usually between 2-4 hours long 

Location:  In your home 

Date / Time: Monday - Friday between 09:30am-14:30pm (weekends are available on occasion)

Who: All visits will be completed by our Beyond the Bump Postnatal Doula Katie 

Cost: £35 per hour (we also offer block packages upon request)

What do we do when we come to visit you? Usually start by putting the kettle on, and then…

  • Check in with you and baby, how was the night ? How are you feeling?

  • We can do a casual birth debrief if you would like, at any point.

  • If you are recovering from a C section we can go over what may be best to support your physical recovery and how we can help with that.

  • Find out how best we can support you each visit, we will always follow your lead, some days we may just talk and have a little cry or even a laugh and some days may be more practical. That is fine.

  • We can cook and sort for you, focus on getting some snacks in the fridge for the week ahead or cooking dinner for that evening.

  • We can babywear while you shower, take a nap, walk around the block.

  • We can help you get baby washed and ready for the day, assist you with bathing the baby or simply support you while you get you both ready.

  • We can go over feeding, make sure you are comfortable with how it is going and answer any queries you may have.

  • We can collect / drop off other children from school / nursery.

  • We can do a food/ clothes/ boots shop for you, make sure you have everything you and baby need.

  • We can take your dog for a walk or walk with you all.

  • You may want us to clean and hoover while you snuggle with baby or you may feel like getting some cleaning done and I can take care of baby.

  • Our number one priority is taking care of you, however that is most helpful for you.

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