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  • Where can I find Beyond the Bump Hub
    Beyond the Bump is located at Squab Hall Farm, Harbury Lane, Leamington Spa, CV33 9QB. Prior to attending your session you will be sent all of the details on how to find us and the barrier codes.
  • Parking
    Beyond the Bump Hub has ample FREE onsite parking. For day time sessions you will park in the car park diagonally across from Beyond the Bump Hub (50m). For evening sessions you may park directly outside Beyond the Bump Hub.
  • Facilities
    Beyond the Bump Hub has onsite toilet facilities and a kitchenette where hot and cold drinks can be made.
  • Are there baby changing facilities on site?
    Yes, we have a change table within our venue, and you are more than welcome to change your baby anywhere in the unit that you are comfortable. There is also a baby change unit at the cafe on site.
  • Are there toilets on site?
    Yes, there are toilets on site. They are located in a separate venue just outside our unit. Umbrellas are provided in case it is raining.
  • Are there places to feed my baby?
    Yes, our venue is feeding friendly, whether that is breast or bottle. We have comfortable chairs and a sofa that you can sit and feed in, or if your comfortable you can feed on the floor during class. We have a kettle and can provide hot water if you need it for formula making.
  • Can my partner attend?
    Yes, our Pregnancy Classes, Antenatal Courses and Refresher Antenatal Courses are for 2 people. This could be your partner, birth partner or someone else who can offer you support.
  • Can I come to a course alone?
    Absolutely, if you would prefer to come to a session alone then that is absolutely fine and you will be made to feel very welcome.
  • Is the cost for one or two people?
    The cost is for 2 people, one pregnant person and one non pregnant person. This can be your birth partner, sister, mum, friend, whoever you prefer.
  • Can my partner attend my session?
    Partners are more than welcome to join your birth debrief session, we can run this as a couples session. Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy is for one person at a time, we can offer partner sessions but these will be held as a separate session and must be made as a new booking.
  • How many sessions are there?
    A Birth Debrief is a one-off session, usually between 60-90 minutes long. This can be done on your own, or with your partner. Birth Trauma Therapy is 3 sessions to start with, but can go up to 5 if needed and both parties agree. These are done on your own and not with partners.
  • Can I bring my baby?
    If you are attending an Birth Debrief you are able to bring your baby if needed, although I would always recommend attending without them if you are able to, to give you a chance to focus completely on you. Birth Trauma Therapy sessions are not able to be attended with your baby, and you will need to find alternative care for them during these sessions.
  • How do I know which option is right for me?
    I think that everyone, regardless of their birth experience, should have a birth debrief. Birth and becoming a parent is a huge change and it can be beneficial to process that during a birth debrief. That being said, if you are considering a birth debrief or Birth Trauma Therapy but you're not sure which would be most beneficial for you, book in a free 10 minute consultation where we can go through both options and decide how to proceed.
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