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Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation for birth

Prenatal Mediation

Experience the transformative journey of Beyond the Bumps Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation for Birth Classes – a profound way to embody the childbirth theories acquired during pregnancy or to initiate you into the world of yoga, breathwork, and meditation, providing steadfast support throughout your pregnancy and birthing process.

In these classes, we engage in purposeful movements tailored to bolster your labour and birthing journey, placing a special emphasis on breathwork techniques designed specifically for childbirth. Each session concludes with a guided meditation, offering you a serene space to center your focus and induce relaxation.

Designed to have your back from bump to birth, these classes come loaded with practical tips that stick with you through labour and birth.

No prior experience in yoga, breathwork, or meditation is necessary – our classes are open to all, ensuring inclusivity and a welcoming space for everyone. Join us as we empower you with the tools to navigate pregnancy, labour, and birth with grace and confidence.

Key Details

Duration: 5 week rolling course 

Attendees: 12 pregnant mums 

Location: Beyond the Bump Hub, Squab Hall Farm, Harbury Lane, Leamington Spa, CV33 9QB

Who can attend: Pregnant mums from 12 weeks of pregnancy, all the way up until your baby is born 

Cost: £50 for the 5 week course

What's included:

  • A blissful setting, using only the best equipment for your baby and creating the perfect ambiance to help you relax and bond with your baby

  • Sensory overlays created so not to overstimulate your baby, quality, wooden toys & resources are introduced gradually each week

  • A chance to bond with your baby

  • A soothing baby massage routine which we build, week up on week, and information about each of the strokes that you can continue to use at home 

  • A online booklet containing each of the baby massage strokes that you can continue to use at home 

  • An opportunity to take photos of your little one to remember their first baby massage

  • Mindfulness moments for you, mum 

  • Time to talk, to normalise postnatal life and to build a network of mums - followed up with being a part of a WhatsApp group 

  • Each session wouldn't be complete without a hot cuppa and a snack 

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