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Understanding Breastfeeding  Session

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

In our experience, feeding your newborn baby is an area which is not supported well enough for new parents. Every baby needs only milk for the first few months of their lives, but unlike commonly displayed on social media and on TV it isn't always a linea straight forward process.

Our Beyond the Bump Understanding Breastfeeding Session is aimed at helping you understand breastfeeding in greater detail, to support your decision making around how you would like to feed your new baby(s). 

Our goal is to ensure that every mother has the means of support to feed their baby in whichever way they chose, your experience with feeding your baby should be a positive one, and the decision on how to feed your baby should be a conscious one made through weighing up the pros and cons for you, your baby and your families lifestyle.

Please note, this session is not delivered by a lactation consultant and does not replace any 1-2-1 or additional support required once your baby has arrived. 

Key Details

Duration: 2.5 hours 18:00-20:30

Attendees: Maximum 10 feeding parents  / 10 couples

Location: TBC Warwick  / Leamington Spa 

Who can attend: Any feeding person to be, or parents to be anytime from 28 weeks pregnant 

Cost: £39 per couple 

Key topics the session will cover

  • The physiology of breastfeeding 

  • The changes that will happen to your body

  • Benefits to mum & baby 

  • Understanding breast milk, how it changes and why 

  • The supply and demand cycle 

  • Breastfeeding kit list 

  • Information on a good latch and attachment 

  • Breastfeeding positions 

  • Feeding cues 

  • Babies appetites and how it changes over time 

  • Common breastfeeding challenges and support available 

  • Options and choices as 

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