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The Zen Den

The Zen Den is our in house play room, suitable from birth all the way up to 18 months, the Zen Den has been carefully designed to provide the very best development play for your babies. From those first sensory experiences, moving and crawling to then waking and climbing. The Zen Den has the very best equipment to support your little ones play journey, whilst you can enjoy a hot (or cold) drink in our dedicated Zen Den Cafe. 


Who is the Zen Den for?

The Zen Den is suitable for babies from birth up to 18 months of age. The Zen Den has been designed so their are areas dedicated to each stage of development, from those early Sensory Connections, all the way through to when your little one is crawling and walking. 

The Zen Den is calm, safe & a welcoming space for all. Our sessions are free play so come in and enjoy a brand new play experience with your little one. 

The Zen Den Cafe

Our dedicated onsite Zen Den Café offers you both hot and cold snacks, and both savoury and sweet treats for you to enjoy whilst your little one plays happily away.


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